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Thursday, December 27th 2007

Christmas has its own attractions. It is the time for joy, for gathering, for a change of feeling, for love to be shown. And of course, for decoration.

Christmas atmosphere usually starts much sooner than the day it falls on. Right from the very first days of December, every store and supermarket is filled with all kinds of beautiful goods for the holiday. These places themselves are gorgeously decorated, become busier and more crowded. The Churches are surrounded by colorful electric lights, the houses feel warmer, the offices add some more lively colors, the streets are made – up with many trees having “clothes” on – here and there resounded with beautiful Christmas melodies. People, weather, scenery seem to be brighter and more splendid than ever to welcome the season. How does our GHP Far East get sparkling on this occasion?

Two weeks before Christmas, a detailed plan for the decoration was set. Mr.Toan, the designer, had a chance to use his skill and creation. With Ms.Mai from Finance Department, he went to shop all needed materials and ornaments. “There are lots and lots of choices. We can get all suitable things easily”, they both said happily. Came back from half a day shopping with satisfaction, they began their “project”, together with many helping hands else.

A space for Christmas tree and its decoration was quickly chosen. It was right in front of the door to welcome people to GHP Far East. Mr.Toan and Ms.Chau from Sales & Marketing and many others from every Department shared their ideas and enjoyed the moments which brought them near to one another. “This is the time I find myself and everybody opener. We have fun, talk and laugh. And we are happy to see how beautiful our hand – made products are.” – Almost everyone had the same feelings during the decoration. After so many hours carefully cutting; pasting; drawing; arranging, their work was completed. Let’s take a closer look on how they made it.

The green of Christmas tree is mixed with colorful ornaments in different sizes and shapes. There are small ones. Big ones. Star shaped ones. Circle shaped ones. They all are hung at right positions, creating an amazing shine and harmony. The hidden houses under the tree lying close to each other show a cosy air. The soft bright from the light is enough to lessen the coldness of snow. Upon “the sky” are non-stop sparkling stars. The white fence is like a symbol of protection and brings a flicker of peace. The innocent snow men standing enjoyably at the gate wearing funny hats and beautiful scarfs. The transparent windows of Software Development Department now are covered with some drawings of flowers and words of “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”, in the middle are the Vietnamese and German flats. They all together make a beautiful picture of GHP Far East’s Christmas.