Why work for SPS Vietnam?


Be Profi

This is a critical part of our success. Our employees see the personal career success as the success of the entire company you are working for


Get Benefits

We offer competitive social package with insurance, rich social program, sports and gyms, gifts and bonuses and other opportunities for you


Employ Innovations

The innovation is a key value of SPS Vietnam. We change day by day. The continuous improvement program defines our strategy


Get Globally

The sky is not a limit. Work in 16 countries with 6,803 employees of Swiss Post Solutions. Cooperate with our customers, which are 20% of Fortune 100


Grow Bigger

You career is our concern. The Talent Development – Rising Stars program is a direct way to the management positions and your bright future

Join the Force

We are a dynamic, fast-paced, entrepreneurially spirited company with a diverse family of talented people. Whether you are a graduate looking for your first career step or a seasoned subject matter expert looking for a new challenge, we want to hear from you!

Technology Team or the Dark Force

The central hub for our support operation, Technology Team encompasses Software Development and Information Technology teams. The team is working on a Helpdesk system serving all the internal and external requests. Their functions is to be an innovation drivers to the company and to build a Tech Hub for Swiss Post group. This group of the enthusiasts is often our first line of support, and you will probably see them in case you:

  • Need to improve the software for your project
  • have issues with your email or Internet connection
  • seeking for the help troubleshooting a projector, camera or PC
  • are a new employee ready to buy a new computer, printer
  • notice a computer or printer in your team isn't working properly

Production Team or the Light Force

The heart of the operations in SPS Vietnam is Production Team. It unites more than 80% of the employees in Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho. They work on Data Entry, Document Processing, Image Processing, Complex BPO projects, and many other interesting staff standing behind outsourcing.

You might have heard that our Production Team has the Superman’s power an able to process over 1,000,000 documents per day. They are definitely creative community since they work in 36 languages without language proficiency.

Quality Management or QM

Daily QM Team answers the questions: What is behind magical 99.99%? Is it necessary for successful project completion? Can we outsource QMS?

They are standing between demanding customers in Europe, USA and Production side. Knowing the magic words of ‘Acceptable Quality Limit’, ‘SLA”, ‘Six Sigma’, they enable SPS Vietnam to follow the quality standards and even overcome it.

The total experience of the Team is over 100 years, but they are young and full of energy.

Back Office or Invisible Power

There is always someone standing behind you. The Back Office definitely does. These invisible agents make the company operations smooth and continuous.

At first glance, these Back Office may not appear that business critical as teams mentioned above. However, we strongly disagree. SPS Vietnam believes that every nuance should delight – with beautiful office spaces, exceptional website experience, perfect financial statements and happy employees. These guys strive to provide the best experience proactively to drive company evangelists.

Who are they? Let us introduce Office Team, Finance, People Office and Customer Management. They all are all sitting close to each other enjoying the company and supporting each other.

Become a member

All Technology Hub memberships are global, giving you access to our career support programs, members-only community networks and drop-in workspaces in every SPS Technology Hub in the world.